Retain in Touch to Close the Sale

You do not want to nag prospects-but you do not want them to just forget about you, either. Stay static in touch with a combined mix of marketing and sales.

Q: I understand I need to stay static in touch with my prospects to close increased sales, but how do i do that without learning to be a pest?

A: In terms of increasing sales for your business, it’s about building relationships in the middle of your company or brand as well as your customers. And since no relationship is founded on hit-and-run tactics, you will need a program that combines marketing with sales and "touches" your prospects repeatedly through the entire sales cycle.

On average, it requires about eight contacts or even more with a prospect before a sale is closed. The secret is to make a blended program of marketing and sales tactics that incrementally moves your prospects nearer to a buying decision. Consider your prospect database as though it were put into three groups-cold, warm and hot prospects. Cold prospects are qualified businesses or people that presently know little or nothing about your company. Warm prospects have previously been subjected to your message and so are acquainted with your firm, but aren’t prepared to make a purchase. The last group, hot prospects, have moved through your sales cycle or attended for you by referral and so are the closest to making a buying decision. A well-rounded program must hire a selection of tactics that get in touch with prospects in every three stages, from cold to hot, on an ongoing basis.

Open New Doors The marketing tactics that you decide on to attain cold, qualified prospects should master opening doors and exposing new prospects to your message in a motivational way. Advertising, pr and direct mail are good tools for introducing new prospects to your company or product message. Print advertising, for instance, allows sufficient space to teach prospects, and direct mail, using its multiple inserts and focus on detailed information, might help move cold prospects in to the warm category. Internet marketing, including e-mail and opt-in lists, a solid company Site, and advertising on related sites and in e-newsletters provide excellent opportunities for calling cold prospects. Choose the marketing tactics which will work best for your company and combine them with sales activities, such as for example networking and cold calls to in-house lists.

Warm-up Prospects A lot of the marketing tactics used to attain cold prospects are great at moving warm prospects further along in the sales cycle. Multiple direct mailings to the same list, for instance, are recognized to produce higher response rates, and a warm prospect could be changed into a hot one when she or he reads articles about your company in the trade press. To attain warm prospects online, send personalized e-mail to your in-house prospect database. This could be by means of an electric newsletter alternated with service or product messages. Combine your marketing with sales tactics, including warm calls to prospect lists, meetings and presentations where appropriate, and also individual e-mails and sales letters to choose prospects.

Add Heat to Close Personal selling is often essential to add the ultimate heat to close sales. In some instances, e-mail marketing, direct mail or direct response advertising alone can sell something or fill seats at a seminar, for example. But various kinds of businesses, particularly the ones that provide a service or product through ongoing customer interaction, can’t depend on marketing alone at this time. So the final part of creating a relationship with a prospect that goes far beyond the original sale generally involves combining effective marketing with one-on-one interpersonal interaction to carefully turn a hot prospect right into a happy customer or client.

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