Predictions for 2014: Facebook Ads Dominate and Minecraft as an instrument

It will likely be an excellent year for agile people that aren’t married to yesterday’s successes. The driver in 2014 is reinvention: That which was brand new recently gets transformed again, if not swept beneath the rug for better still applications. So here eight predictions, accompanied by two mandates:

1. Only Facebook enjoys the opportunity to interrupt a cellular phone user, without suffering backlash, via their news feed ads. Facebook is beating their next closest competitor in mobile, Google, by 3 x. It will continue steadily to set the pace for the near future. Your priority for Facebook ads is how your prospects take the next step utilizing their smartphone.

2. Facebook’s revenue in the 3rd quarter of 2013 was $2 billion. Facebook will sell $6 billion of ads in the 3rd quarter of 2015. All of those other world will not ‘get’ this yet, but mark my words, by late 2014 Facebook advertising will be brutally competitive.

My students who jumped prior to the AdWords curve enjoyed years of superiority over everybody else — but still do. You as a little, agile marketer will have half a year to leapfrog the Facebook ads learning curve. Do it while it’s easy. Consider yourself warned.

3. The venerable, hoary "one way link strategy" for seo is wheezing just like a dying animal. Social media may be the new SEO. One way links are easy to fake. Likes, tweets and shares by key influencers are extremely difficult to fake. Stop theorizing about Google bots and just make the humans happy. That worked in 1998 and it still works now.

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4. Forget trying to build an "authority site." Post your articles on existing authority sites. If you are a blogger, blog on a significant site, not your own. It’s why sites such as for example Huffington Post, Patheos, TechCrunch, CNET and major newspapers have so much gravity. It’s why I’m blogging on at this time. Need to get ranked? Write your authority site post for target keywords.

6. The "free exposure via social media" myth is simply as dumb as the "free SEO" myth of a decade ago. Earth is strewn with carcasses of chumps who lived and died by "free." Purchase play may be the name of the overall game in social media. In 2004, the hot strategy was you tested your opinions in Google ads, then scaled up. In 2014, you test ideas in your news feed, then purchase them to go quasi viral. Be prepared to pay for all of your fans to see your posts. Be prepared to pay for clients.

7. The growth industry in 2014 is turning hobbies into businesses. Social media is making that possible like nothing else before. Since ten percent of the people on earth produce enough to feed and furnish 90 percent of our "necessities," hobbies aren’t trivial. They are golden keys to the entrepreneurial future.

8. Within the next five years, Minecraft, the ‘virtual Legos’ my 9 year old obsesses about, will replace AutoCAD as the typical software for designing and building anything. The lines between gaming and real "work" are blurring. Engineers and architects use Minecraft to design from toasters to skyscrapers. The skyscrapers of 2033 will be unrecognizable, as the spatial capabilities of our 29-year-old architects then will be exponentially higher than the old-school architects of now. The growth industry of 2033 will be redesigning entire cities and countries. That, and remediating the surroundings.

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Finally, two mandates. Act now or risk a bellyflop.

9. Obamacare has already been failing and nothing short of a complete reboot can save it. Ditto with the web site. How forthright politicians are concerning this fact will cast their fate in the 2014 elections. Meanwhile, as noble as the desire to have universal healthcare is, Obamacare was the incorrect answer to the incorrect question.

The main problem with U.S. medical health insurance is folks are not legally permitted to buy health insurance just how they buy almost all their other kinds of insurance. When you change the oil in your vehicle, you do not send the bill to your automobile insurance company.

Our insurance bureaucracy is bloated because one, because the 1940s, people have never been permitted to simply choose the coverage they would like to have, and two, corporations get yourself a tax deduction on healthcare but individuals don’t. For this reason the marketplace for individual insurance is indeed paltry. Adding more red tape only compounds the problem. Fix those two original bugs and the huge bureaucracy begins to unravel. Then your grand vision of healthcare for all will suddenly become in an easier way to attain.

10. The business enterprise you thought you were in five years back is almost never the business enterprise you’re in now. Today may be the age of the serial entrepreneur and alchemist. The number-one skill of the serial entrepreneur is crafting great unique selling propositions. One USP after another. You can’t coast using one USP for 50 years as well as five years.

Any interesting or odd request from your own customers could possibly be inspiration for a re-invention. Decide today to become a serial entrepreneur even within the same company. When you discover ways to create new USPs on command, the near future is your oyster.

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