Forget $4M Ads, Your Business Can Still Capitalize on the Super Bowl

It had been recently reported in AdAge that 80 percent of Super Bowl advertising this past year was ineffective at raising purchase interest and making sales.

That’s because, I really believe, you can’t look at Super Bowl advertising, or any advertising, in vacuum pressure. Advertising only works if it is part of a marketing intend to consistently build relationships customers on the terms.

But that’s also why Super Bowl advertising could work. It offers entertainment value at the same time when customers are searching for it. So if your goal is to entertain and drive mass awareness whenever your customer is watching the overall game, then your Super Bowl is actually a great venue to promote — in case you have $4 million to invest on a 30 second ad.

As companies, you mustn’t lament that you can’t advertise through the big game. It’s likely that you’re not seeking to drive mass knowing of that kind, so that it wouldn’t succeed in driving sales anyway. But it doesn’t mean you need to leave from the thought of Super Bowl marketing entirely. You merely need to be clever, local and integrated.

Check out among last year’s winners, Gardiner’s Furniture, a little furniture business in Baltimore whose home team won the Super Bowl.

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This entrepreneur could score big sales with an area Super Bowl promotion where he offered a complete refund of his Super Bowl week’s furniture sales if the Ravens scored a 2-point conversion. As luck could have it, that’s just what happened. Because he planned right, he bought insurance coverage to protect himself in the event it did. The resulting hype generated incremental sales along with what he previously already secured.

The strategy proved you don’t need to be a big brand to employ a pop culture moment just like the Super Bowl in your favor.

That is particularly true if you have a local link with the overall game. With New York/New Jersey as host this season, the neighborhood marketing activity will be on overdrive, as local businesses utilize the hype around the overall game in enter on the action. The same will be true for the hometowns of both teams playing.

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Because the game will be on the minds of several in the region, companies should use the possibility to make a reference to customers.

Run Super Bowl promotions to operate a vehicle traffic to your store or site, join the Super Bowl hashtag in social media to seize a few of the attention, and tie your brand’s messaging to the participating teams to create an emotional connection. It’ll show people that you’re into the game just as much as they are, creating a magical connection that may drive them for you.

A lot of this doesn’t need to are expensive of money. By merely adding a brilliant Bowl theme from what you already are doing, you can create "in the moment" marketing that stimulates sales. Social media is a good way to piggyback on the action without really spending any longer money at all.

For instance, ask people to have a selfie together with your brand in it for instant savings. I predict it’ll be the "Instagram Super Bowl" this season, with selfies a plenty, why not ride that wave?

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