After 526 Rejected Job Applications, I Broke Through. So IS IT POSSIBLE TO.

Remember, failure is never final. Success is focused on turning your setback into your comeback.

“Son, don’t obtain a job merely to pay the rent. It is advisable to think beyond yourself. It is advisable to start thinking of creating a career and providing for your loved ones later on.”

My mom gave me that three-sentence career advice over dinner when I was at the cheapest point in my own job search. And the ones words changed everything for me personally.

In early 2013, I graduated from Australia’s top university with postgraduate qualifications running a business and engineering management, in conjunction with a mechanical engineering degree from Singapore. I was along with the world and prepared to kick-start my career.


After a Chance Meeting on the Beach These Entrepreneurs Built a Company Predicated on Respect for Global Artisans

Working with artisans all over the world has taught both of these Americans to embrace different cultures and celebrate the differences.

In 2011, my pal Paul Goodman and I were traveling through Costa Rica whenever we met two local beachside artisans selling their colorful handmade bracelets. Like all good stories, our introduction was by happenstance, a chance meeting of strangers. From day one, we fell deeply in love with these beautiful organic wares — kaleidoscopic handicrafts with a straightforward aesthetic vision. Moreover, these artisans captured the country’s native mantra referred to as “pura vida,” Spanish for “pure life” and savoring the tiny moments.


After ten years running a business, This Founder Became CEO. Here’s how She Tackles New Challenges With Conviction.

Eventbrite’s Julia Hartz shares her best problem solving and communication strategies.

Julia Hartz says she believes that bringing people together could be a catalyst for real change. It’s the philosophy that drives Eventbrite, the global ticketing platform that she co-founded with her husband Kevin and Renaud Visage.

After ten years in business as the business’s president, Hartz took on the positioning of CEO in April of 2016. Her first year as CEO included a substantial milestone, the largest event that Eventbrite has ever helped power: the Women’s March on Jan. 21. Hartz says that the business had greater than a million registrants around the world at 150 events. Not only is it an enormous mobilizing moment, Hartz discovered that it had been a professionally clarifying one on her behalf aswell.


After a Life as Refugees, This Entrepreneur Family DOES NOT HAVE ANY Fear

Hao and Lisa Lam met and fell in love in a refugee camp in the Philippines after escaping Vietnam. Located in Seattle, they are franchisors of the greatest in Class Education Center, with 30 focuses on the united states. Educators provide tutoring services at the guts and help students plan college. The Lams provide jobs for 85 to 100 individuals just at their Washington location. They share key lessons from getting started in a refugee camp to operating a family group business.

Image credit: Hao and Lisa Lam


After a Near-Death Accident, Franchisee Kara Lodewyks Aims to Heal Both Body and underneath Line

Match the most recent franchise news, stories and solutions.

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Kara Lodewyks had been an athlete and fitness buff, so her decision to become franchisee with Fitness On the run — which trains clients within their homes — was an excellent fit. She rose from physical fitness trainer to owner in only six months. Then, this past year, tragedy struck: Involved with a devastating car crash, Lodewyks broke her neck with a C-2 fracture, the same injury that permanently paralyzed the late Christopher Reeves. Lodewyks, fortunately, was luckier: By throwing herself into strenuous rehab and wearing an oppressive HALO neck brace, she relearned walking and other physical tasks. As well, she was gratified to see her trainers support her and her business. Today, that business is thriving therefore is Lodewyks — so much in order that she recently participated in an exercise competition.


Following Death Threats, Peeple Founder Says SHE HERSELF WAS WRONG to put App as ‘Yelp for People’

Julia Cordray has already established a rough few days. She learned a difficult life lesson: Be cautious everything you say on the web. Google forgets nothing. Stick and stones may break your bones, however your words will always get back to bite you.

The co-founder and CEO of Peeple, a controversial forthcoming app she infamously described to The Washington Post the other day as “Yelp for folks,” has received multiple death threats. She’s been called “delusional,” “sociopathic,” and a “bitch” on “nearly every social-media tool possible,” and that’s not the half of it. Her investors, family members and colleagues are catching some serious heat, too.


For a Company to go up That beats all others, the CEO Must Engage on Social Media

With hashtags dominating advertising and the fresh addition of “selfie” to the Oxford English Dictionary, it’s most likely not surprising to listen to that 74 percent of American adults use social-networking sites. What may surprise you, however, is that just 32 percent of today’s Fortune 500 CEOs engage on social media. The rest of the 68 percent haven’t any social presence at all: no Twitter, no LinkedIn, no Facebook. Nothing. What’s going on here, CEOs?

There is, of course, this factor. Most CEOs have a tendency to be older, and social engagement will not come as naturally with their generation since it does for his or her millennial counterparts. Additionally, doing social media right takes a time commitment, which poses a challenge for busy executives –regardless old. Many CEOs could also feel anxious about revealing themselves publicly and finding yourself in the doghouse if indeed they say or post the incorrect thing. Or it could just drop to ego as CEOs are accustomed to wielding power of their organizations but gaining influence on social media requires them to start out from scratch.


For a Complete Marketing Plan, Look AWAY FROM Direct Competition

Given that you’ve outlined both your business and marketing objectives for the entire year, it’s time to access work writing your business plan. A lot of the plan will be quite inward focused for certain, but you also need to look outside your four walls to get a complete perspective for your plan. You will need to analyze your rivals.

Before you look in, you first need to look out. Consider what your competition does!

How You Market Your Product Depends upon YOUR RIVALS


For a Debt-Free New Year Set a Budget and Stay with it

If you’re among the 40 million Americans who’ve student loan debt you understand how difficult it really is for you to lower your debt while also making mortgage/rent payments, investing in a new vehicle or chipping away at other debt like bank cards.

In the past I was in the same situation. I owed a lot more than $100k in student debt with an automobile payment and bills accumulated. During the period of three years I paid all my debt with just a little money left in my own bank account. I paid all my debts by sticking with a budget.


For a Productive Workplace Let YOUR WORKPLACE Visit the Dogs

Dogs have earned their designation as man’s best friend. Besides being loving pets and fun playmates, dogs (actually, most pets) can in fact provide you with a leg through to the corporate ladder. So long as you take them to utilize you, that’s.

According to analyze by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, about 20 percent of most companies in the usa allow employees to bring their animals along to the workplace . Expectedly, the most typical pet guests at workplaces are dogs at 76 percent, accompanied by cats at 15 percent. The rest are small pets like hamsters or fish.