After a Chance Meeting on the Beach These Entrepreneurs Built a Company Predicated on Respect for Global Artisans

Working with artisans all over the world has taught both of these Americans to embrace different cultures and celebrate the differences.

In 2011, my pal Paul Goodman and I were traveling through Costa Rica whenever we met two local beachside artisans selling their colorful handmade bracelets. Like all good stories, our introduction was by happenstance, a chance meeting of strangers. From day one, we fell deeply in love with these beautiful organic wares — kaleidoscopic handicrafts with a straightforward aesthetic vision. Moreover, these artisans captured the country’s native mantra referred to as “pura vida,” Spanish for “pure life” and savoring the tiny moments.


For a Company to go up That beats all others, the CEO Must Engage on Social Media

With hashtags dominating advertising and the fresh addition of “selfie” to the Oxford English Dictionary, it’s most likely not surprising to listen to that 74 percent of American adults use social-networking sites. What may surprise you, however, is that just 32 percent of today’s Fortune 500 CEOs engage on social media. The rest of the 68 percent haven’t any social presence at all: no Twitter, no LinkedIn, no Facebook. Nothing. What’s going on here, CEOs?

There is, of course, this factor. Most CEOs have a tendency to be older, and social engagement will not come as naturally with their generation since it does for his or her millennial counterparts. Additionally, doing social media right takes a time commitment, which poses a challenge for busy executives –regardless old. Many CEOs could also feel anxious about revealing themselves publicly and finding yourself in the doghouse if indeed they say or post the incorrect thing. Or it could just drop to ego as CEOs are accustomed to wielding power of their organizations but gaining influence on social media requires them to start out from scratch.


For a Complete Marketing Plan, Look AWAY FROM Direct Competition

Given that you’ve outlined both your business and marketing objectives for the entire year, it’s time to access work writing your business plan. A lot of the plan will be quite inward focused for certain, but you also need to look outside your four walls to get a complete perspective for your plan. You will need to analyze your rivals.

Before you look in, you first need to look out. Consider what your competition does!

How You Market Your Product Depends upon YOUR RIVALS


3 More Known reasons for Brands to Use Instagram to improve Influence and Drive Sales

Instagram is a distinctive medium for brand advertising unlike any other platform in the social space. The visually driven community allows users to communicate in the universal language of photos and videos, opening the world to the chance of more "humanized” content.

Instagram’s growth and reach speaks to its massive appeal to the millennial audience. Instagram provides huge advertising opportunities to operate a vehicle brand awareness and buy intent to those brands that understand users want content designed for users by other users who understand them best.



There is no shortage of new opportunities to create money online, from selling your sneakers to renting out your backyard.

From renting out rooms on Airbnb to snagging odd jobs on TaskRabbit, it’s not difficult to find opportunities to produce a little extra cash online. The gig economy has turned into a part of our work culture, while e-commerce marketplaces have created a worldwide playing field for ordinary people seeking to sell services and products.

Against that backdrop, there are various time-tested opportunities out there to create some money privately, from selling your photos online to taking paid surveys. Yet as sure as sunlight rises each day, the internet continues to make a variety of new methods to make some money.


9 of Last Year’s Most Creative Marketing Ideas WILL HELP YOU Brainstorm for 2019

If you’re seeking to start a new advertising campaign, examine these successful ones from major brands.

Each year companies, both big and small, launch marketing campaigns to the general public — some are forgettable while some hit hard as intended and attract attention for the brand. There are campaigns that challenge our world-views, inspire us and make us laugh and smile.

Creativity will come from various different directions; from cutting-edge technology firms, to billion-dollar athletic brands and a pancake monopoly — several brands made a mark this season with campaigns that oozed creativity. Listed below are nine examples, across several industries, which you can use to greatly help spark your creativity thinking as you intend campaigns on your own business.


Brands Must Embrace Cable Cord-Cutters for Marketing Effectiveness

At its 2016 Summit in NEVADA, Adobe announced several new services designed to address probably the most significant enigmas facing marketers nowadays: How can you measure marketing reach and impact with on-demand content consumers?

The announcements are noteworthy — even if your business isn’t somebody of Adobe — because these challenges affect businesses of most sizes.

What This On-Demand Startup CEO Thinks the Sector SHOULD BE Called


Brands: GET RIGHT UP to Date on Federal Trade Commission Guidelines

If you’re a brand that’s advertising anything online, it is advisable to know how to adhere to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines. If you’re a brand that’s actively advertising on social media, there are a lot more nuanced rules you have to be alert to.

The existing preferred approach to advertising on social media is through influencers, popular content creators who’ve amassed large followings predicated on the merit of their content. The FTC has implemented consumer protection laws to make sure that items and services for sale are accurately being portrayed by brands, which reaches their portrayal by influencers.


WHY YOU NEED TO Be Fearlessly Authentic

Typically, entertainers travel by limo to the red carpet at awards shows. Granger Smith isn’t normal. He insisted on planing a trip to the recent Country Music Awards red carpet in a Chevy Silverado. It’s authentically who he’s: Smith has always owned a Silverado and it’s what his “customers” expect from him.

It reminded me of an identical incident twenty years earlier at the ACM awards. Alan Jackson walked the red carpet in jeans and a T-shirt. The show producers told Jackson to “play along” with a pre-recorded track. Jackson disagreed, so he previously his drummer play along without drumsticks as a weird method of clueing in his audience. He walked away with the male vocalist of the entire year award and I’d argue his authenticity is the key reason why fans love him.


Break Through the web Noise With ‘Likes’

How will you attract customers in a crowded online market? Here’s how reciprocal liking might help generate loyalty in seven simple actions.

The idea of mutual "likes" dates back way beyond the launch of Facebook.

"Reciprocity of liking is an integral principle of attraction," based on the Encyclopedia of Human Relations. "Interdependence theory," the entry explains, "predicts that people will like people who have whom we’ve … gratifying interactions."