3 Money-Saving Apps THAT WONT Cost You a Dime

For a lot of, to state times are tight financially can be an understatement. A recently available Bankrate survey revealed that three out of five Americans are just one medical emergency or unexpected car repair from emptying their savings, if indeed they have any savings to begin with.

Portion of the reason is that most of us don’t take time to properly budget — especially not the slow, inconvenient old-school way, via pen and paper. And everybody knows how well tracking profit our heads computes. It generally doesn’t.


For an absolute Product Launch, Address Genuine Customer Needs

“Successful companies are grown by entrepreneurs who recognized a need and offer a remedy that solved a pain point for others,” James F. Grebey wrote in The Determined Entrepreneur. “By recognizing a pain point you get the chance to be the first person to supply a solution to the marketplace.”

Pain points are only challenges: They keep consumers and business users from having what they need when they want to buy.

For instance, prior to the dawn of automated teller machines, consumers had difficulty accessing cash from their bank accounts after hours. The introduction of the ATM addressed this pain point.


3 More Known reasons for Brands to Use Instagram to improve Influence and Drive Sales

Instagram is a distinctive medium for brand advertising unlike any other platform in the social space. The visually driven community allows users to communicate in the universal language of photos and videos, opening the world to the chance of more "humanized” content.

Instagram’s growth and reach speaks to its massive appeal to the millennial audience. Instagram provides huge advertising opportunities to operate a vehicle brand awareness and buy intent to those brands that understand users want content designed for users by other users who understand them best.



Nine months earlier, I’d setup my design and digital business by recruiting a developer and buying some work place in the town’s new Digital Media Centre. In doing this, I was taking the tiny amount of savings that I’d had the opportunity to put aside over the last three-and-a-half years as an electronic product consultant for the UK’s Ministry of Defence, National Health Service and others, and betting them on a service-based business that grew out of a spare time activity.


Here’s What IT REQUIRES TO CREATE A (Great) Book

A common question since I released my first book, Inside Job, is how I put my thoughts onto paper. Do you realize, there remain three million business books written every year? That’s a whole lot of books! With that sort of competition, we are able to ill afford to create a book (or do anything for example) half-hearted. Whatever you attach your name to is a reflection of your brand standards. Even the very best of the best need to make continual improvements to go up above the noise in a global saturated by information.


SOME TIPS ABOUT WHAT It’s Prefer to Be on ‘Elevator Pitch’

Some tips about what one entrepreneur would do differently if he previously another chance on our weekly pitch show.

Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch invites ambitious entrepreneurs to step in to the Entrepreneur Elevator, then gives them just 60 seconds to pique the interest of several judges. It’s a high-pressure, fast-paced environment where startup founders have to race against the clock while maintaining their composure to create a clear, deliberate pitch that covers at least three essential components:


9 Must-Read Marketing Ebooks for each Startup Founder

If you need to create a sustainable, successful business, you will need to put the proper timeframe and money into implementing marketing strategies which will help you get the term out about your business and products.

Unfortunately, when you’re a fresh business proprietor and busy wearing a whole lot of different hats and spinning a whole lot of plates simultaneously, that’s often easier in theory. For most new and aspiring entrepreneurs, it’s not necessarily easy to know what things to focus on or the place to start in terms of marketing. If you ask me, I’ve found that a very important thing that you can do during occasions when you are feeling lost or intimidated is study from others.


SOME TIPS ABOUT WHAT Really Matters for SEO in 2016

To numerous people, SEO is a minefield of misinformation and conflicting advice.

Believe me, I’ve been there. When I Googled “SEO” for the very first time, I was quickly overwhelmed with a mountain of anecdotes, case studies and “guidelines”. I found a few tips, but also for the most part, I couldn’t make heads or tails of what I read.

After years of in-the-trenches internet marketing and PR work, I eventually put the bits of the puzzles together. But I’m no SEO guru. Actually, the majority of my best SEO successes attended from old-school PR. That’s because, when you still do it, PR equates to link constructing, or the practice of creating inbound links to get higher rankings browsing engines.


SOME TIPS ABOUT WHAT Jeff Bezos Prefers to Work-Life Balance and just why You Should Live BECAUSE OF IT

Work-life balance naively suggests working and non-working hours ought to be evenly apportioned.

Amazon is well known for creating a culture that values effort. So much so the organization has received criticism from current and former employees for needing to work on Thanksgiving, and even when ill.

When asked about Amazon’s work-life balance, Jeff Bezos remarked that he ascribed to the phrase “work-life harmony” instead.

Here’s how hard-charging businesspeople can maintain energy in the home and at the job without burning out by finding work-life harmony instead of work-life balance.



There is no shortage of new opportunities to create money online, from selling your sneakers to renting out your backyard.

From renting out rooms on Airbnb to snagging odd jobs on TaskRabbit, it’s not difficult to find opportunities to produce a little extra cash online. The gig economy has turned into a part of our work culture, while e-commerce marketplaces have created a worldwide playing field for ordinary people seeking to sell services and products.

Against that backdrop, there are various time-tested opportunities out there to create some money privately, from selling your photos online to taking paid surveys. Yet as sure as sunlight rises each day, the internet continues to make a variety of new methods to make some money.