After a Life as Refugees, This Entrepreneur Family DOES NOT HAVE ANY Fear

Hao and Lisa Lam met and fell in love in a refugee camp in the Philippines after escaping Vietnam. Located in Seattle, they are franchisors of the greatest in Class Education Center, with 30 focuses on the united states. Educators provide tutoring services at the guts and help students plan college. The Lams provide jobs for 85 to 100 individuals just at their Washington location. They share key lessons from getting started in a refugee camp to operating a family group business.

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"Business is risky, but there is nothing worse then risking our lives to flee from Vietnam. I was shot often when I tried to flee. It took me a lot more than 10 attempts before I possibly could finally escape to the Philippines. Besides dying, I’m not afraid of anything," Hao shares. He moved to Vancover, Canada when he left the refugee camp.

His wife and co-franchisor, Lisa, also lives fearlessly. She moved to NY after leaving the same refugee camp, and became a social worker. When she encounters fear during her journey as a business owner, she reminds herself what it took to reach and live in NY. "EASILY dare to gamble my entire life to be in NY, I think I could survive anywhere. If anything seems risky, I believe ‘What can stop me, I could do anything!’," Lisa explains.

Train THE HUMAN BRAIN to Overcome Fear

When Hao graduated from college in 1995, he entered right into a license agreement to supply tutoring services. "When I started, I didn’t even discover how to read a profit and loss statement. I had to borrow funds. It had been a big risk and most of my children and friends explained never to do it."

He operated as a licensee for 15 years. When the licensor retired, Hao purchased the tutoring business. He hired a lawyer and turned the business enterprise right into a franchise. "I spent all my savings. I knew easily had an extremely solid and good system my business would remove."

Lisa believes that education ‘s the reason on her behalf success. She manages a center because it’s her possibility to serve. "I am grateful for my business. I reach help low-income students. I would like to manage a center because I reach help students, and nothing else brings me more joy."

She’s helped some families who cannot afford tutoring services by reducing costs and plans to launch a nonprofit organization to invest in scholarships to families who cannot afford tutoring services or purchase educational costs.

Leading as a Servant

Hao didn’t speak English when he moved to Canada at age 21. He graduated from senior high school at age 23 and received his degree at age 27.

"Having a tutoring business as a refugee is super difficult. Learning the language and today to be able to teach and lead a team has taught me alot," Hao explains.

The couple complement each other’s leadership style. When Hao gets overly aggressive running a business, Lisa will there be to pull him back. They support each other’s ideas and depend on one another for decision making.

"We will vary characters. We’ve conflict sometimes. I support him due to love. We respect one another," says Lisa. "She actually is conservative and I am aggressive, so we meet in the centre." says Hao.

A few of Hao’s franchisees were customers in Seattle who relocated to a new state. They wished to continue with the materials and services they benefited from.

"There’s a big market for the tutoring business. It’s getting harder for students to get admitted to universities. Consider the schools across America. We are cutting budgets. Class size gets bigger," Hao explains.

He believes his centers give a solution to the issues in education. He updates tutoring materials to maintain with various trends. Hao shares, "We can not stand still. You will need to move forward or you’ll receive destroyed."

Hao and Lisa encourage everytone to pursue their dreams and live fearlessly. Hao explains, "Do what you’re passionate about. Avoid being afraid of failure. Being [in America] has already been Heaven. That is why we are prepared to take risks also to contribute. We are blessed each morning to be in an excellent country. That is a country of opportunity."

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