After 28 Years of Caregiving, This RN Became a Franchisee

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After nearly 25 years of marriage, Rob and Sandy Chester decided it had been time to open a franchise which used both of their expertise. Sandy has 28 years of experience as a rn, while Rob has nearly 30 years of corporate experience in the insurance industry. Together, they wished to help the elderly within their community as Right in the home franchisees. Some tips about what they have discovered.

Name : Rob and Sandy Chester

Franchise owned: Two Right in the home territories in Gap, Pa. and Elkton, Md.

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How long perhaps you have owned a franchise?

We purchased our first franchise 3 years ago, and we just recently exposed a second territory to raised serve older people in neighboring communities.

Why franchising?

Franchising is excellent because you don’t need to begin from scratch. You get yourself a support system, and there has already been a recognised and successful business design laid out so you might follow.

What were you doing before you became a franchise owner?

Rob was dealing with International Insurance and Sandy was an in home Medicare certified and in home skilled care rn.

Why did you select this specific franchise?

Right in the home really aligned perfectly with this life experiences. We felt that people had the proper background and passions to accomplish well as Right in the home franchisees. Not forgetting, it is possible to surrender in your community.

Just how much would you estimate you spent before you were officially open for business?

Total: $57,950

Initial Franchise Fee: $41,500

Real Estate/Rent: $650

Improvements: $600

Insurance: $2,000

Furniture: $2,500

COMPUTERS and Software: $4,000

Other Office Equipment and Supplies: $750

Training: $2,500

Initial Opening Marketing: $1,500

Professional Fees: $1,500

Signage: $450

Where did you get the majority of your advice/do the majority of your quest?

We caused a business design consultant who helped us on the way to steer us and show us your path to finding the proper business for all of us.

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What were the most unexpected challenges of opening your franchise?

It might be difficult to acquire qualified caregivers. We are sending people into homes, and we are in need of them to really have the right skills to supply the right kind of care. With more and more people locally needing the services, it could sometimes be difficult to acquire enough caregivers.

What advice have you got for those who want to possess their own franchise?

This might sound silly, but merely follow the business enterprise model. Sometimes, people think they know better and may do better by themselves. However, the beauty of shopping for a franchise is that lots of other people have already been down the same path before you. They did the leg work, and you simply need to follow the rules they have organized for you personally.

What’s next for you personally as well as your business?

We will continue expansion into Maryland.

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