9 of the largest Complaints About the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has only been designed for a little more when compared to a week, but early adopters and reviewers have previously pointed out a few of its shortcomings.

Even though many have described the Apple Watch as the very best & most ambitious smartwatch yet, there’s room for improvement.

1. The heartrate monitor doesn’t always use tattoos.

Handoff is meant to let you grab wherever you left off when switching in the middle of your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Several watch owners have said the Handoff feature won’t focus on the Apple Watch, based on the Apple Support Communities.

By the end of April, several users reported via Twitter and Apple’s Support Communities that the watch wouldn’t charge properly, according to 9to5Mac. The watch would hook up to the charger properly, but nothing would happen.

There were some reports that the Apple Watch won’t lock into place as you switch bands, according to MacRumors. One MacRumors reader wrote that problem occurred with the activity band, while another said it just happened with the Milanese Loop.

That is among the complaints that appeared in early reviews of the Apple Watch. THE BRAND NEW York Times’ Farhad Manjoo said it had been "slightly difficult to get the hang of the Apple Watch," especially because it’s hard to keep in mind which actions can be found which screens.

The Apple Watch’s screen only turns on when you wish it to. This is often ideal for saving its battery, however, many early reviewers discovered that the screen didn’t always light exactly when it had been likely to. "Sometimes a subtle twist of your wrist can do, but sometimes it requires…more," Bloomberg’s Joshua Topolsky wrote. He said he previously to swing his wrist within an upward exaggerated motion often.

The Verge’s Nilay Patel wrote that the Apple Watch felt really slow to use. And he wasn’t just discussing apps being buggy – he wrote that it "stutters" when loading notifications and that pulling location data from your own iPhone requires a while.

Several reviews discussed apps being sluggish, but that will not be the case quickly enough. Reviewers, such as for example CNET’s Scott Stein wrote that the existing collection of third-party apps certainly are a bit slow and limited. Our very own Steve Kovach said "Up to now, there are about 3,500 apps available, & most stink." But, given that developers have actually had a while to get their practical the watch, another crop of Apple Watch apps is going to be better.

On Reddit, one user said that the white Sport Band made his / her wrist itchy and irritated. Italian blog Ispazio also posted photos that claim showing red splotches on the wrists of Apple Watch owners. Apple’s support page, however, says each material has truly gone through "extensive evaluation."

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