9 of Last Year’s Most Creative Marketing Ideas WILL HELP YOU Brainstorm for 2019

If you’re seeking to start a new advertising campaign, examine these successful ones from major brands.

Each year companies, both big and small, launch marketing campaigns to the general public — some are forgettable while some hit hard as intended and attract attention for the brand. There are campaigns that challenge our world-views, inspire us and make us laugh and smile.

Creativity will come from various different directions; from cutting-edge technology firms, to billion-dollar athletic brands and a pancake monopoly — several brands made a mark this season with campaigns that oozed creativity. Listed below are nine examples, across several industries, which you can use to greatly help spark your creativity thinking as you intend campaigns on your own business.

When people heard that IHOP (The International House of Pancakes) changed their name to IHOB (The International House of Burgers), the web went crazy.

Actually, the move might have been one of the primary troll-jobs of 2018. Trolling aside, the campaign made a significant impact and delivered just as they hoped. According to Food NewsFeed, the campaign produced a lot more than 36 billion earned media impressions, influenced over 20,000 written stories and saw burger sales increase by 300 percent — that was the best goal of the campaign.


Amazon took influencing to another level with their star-studded Super Bowl commercial.

In the event you missed in it, the commercial featured Gordon Ramsey, Cardi B and Anthony Hopkins. Influencer marketing has continued to grow in popularity, especially among millennial buyers.

It’s hard to assume that the tech giant needed any assistance increasing its consumer base, but onboarding celebrity influencers never hurts — the YouTube video because of this commercial has a lot more than 50 million views.

Elon Musk is well known to be an innovator and thought-leader in the fields of space exploration, technology and renewable energy. He’s also known for doing some pretty outlandish stuff, which year, Musk’s Space X company pulled off among their biggest stunts to date.

THE AREA X team launched a Tesla Roadster into space at a speed of roughly 18,000 mph. The automobile was strapped onto Space X’s Falcon Heavy rocket and happens to be in the Van Allen belt, an area of intense radiation surrounding the planet earth.

You can examine out the roadster orbiting around the planet earth here.

Verma Media has made its mark in the cannabis space because of their publicized support for emerging tech and controversial industries. This season, the company launched some partnerships — the most notable was their partnership with Orthogonal.

Verma helped launch a advertising campaign advertising Orthogonal Collective’s incubation hub and expertise. The effect attracted 30 companies in the cannabis space to enter the collective. Many perceive the cannabis industry as a risky space to get a stake in, but it’s a booming industry with endless opportunity. Even Entrepreneur has entered the area, launching Green Entrepreneur.

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When Consensus decided they wished to run an ICO and Mothership decided they wished to create a platform to greatly help companies raise money, both companies realized synergy existed.

In 2018, both companies teamed up to perform the Genesis campaign — an initiative for the Genesis platform where Mothership handled promotional areas of fundraising for the Consensus ICO — the 1st project launched through Genesis.

Because of the initiative, Consensus could raise over $10 million, and later in the entire year, launch their blockchain network.

During the past, Coca-Cola has had some very nice campaigns — some, for instance, just like the "Share a Coke" campaign, are re-launched each year.

This season, Coca-Cola took their influencer strategy international by teaming up with BTS, a Korean pop group, and the most popular bands on earth.

The business announced that the band would serve as their spokesmen for the FIFA World Cup in 2018. The partnership set the Korean pop world burning and created a whole lot of international buzz — just what the business was after.

Since going for a knee several seasons ago, Colin Kaepernick has turned into a symbol of activism. Specifically, opposition against the unfair treatment of minority communities. However, his movement is among the most face of opposing upper management in the NFL.

That led to pure chaos when the controversial figure was made the facial skin and voice of a Nike campaign. As the campaign received both praise and backlash, it has kept Nike on the end of several consumer tongues — proof that controversy does indeed sell.

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You don’t need to be a business giant to let your creativity shine — and become effective. BoxUp, a two-year-old startup, saw major growth because of their marketing strategies, which centered on combining digital, retargeting and print.

The business leverage digital media channels to broadcast their message, which resulted in a rise in sales. In November, sales figures were double that of May’s. I’ve sourced box manufacturers for many consumer brands. Every time I have attempt to see them. BoxUp’s campaign found me — and it’s really that creative approach that got my attention.

This campaign is a wonderful example of the best way to take a business or product that’s not "sexy" and use creativity to be seen.

Uber has caught a whole lot of heat before couple of years — from sexual harassment charges to claims of a toxic culture and misconduct. That is why in 2018, Uber launched the CONTINUE campaign.

The campaign originated on three main premises — new leadership, better ride experience and a better relationship with communities. Even though facing adversity, you may use creativity to greatly help power your brand through difficult times.

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