3 Proven Approaches for Growing Your Network

Successful bootstrappers never focus on nothing — they focus on a network.

Dealing with entrepreneurs, I’m often asked, “Just how do entrepreneurs go from the ground upwards to something?” The journey of a business owner seems to focus on only a concept and a heck of a whole lot of determination, but here’s finished .: entrepreneurs never focus on "nothing." Most of us have relationships. We all have been part of a network, embedded in a complex system of connections that bridge us to human, social and financial capital. And, however, you might not need the network connections you will need at this time, you can grow your network right into a thriving suite of human, social, and financial capital by following in the footsteps of successful entrepreneurs.

The question of how entrepreneurs go from the ground upwards to something so intrigued me that I finished up writing my doctoral dissertation about them. (You can read it here.) It could surprise you to discover that attending plenty of startup events and investor pitch days is probably the less useful approaches for entrepreneurs to create connections.

Successful entrepreneurs focus on relationships they curently have set up, lily pad hopping from indicate point, expanding their networks quickly. Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, sums it up when he says, “Among the challenges in networking is everybody thinks it’s making cold calls to strangers. Actually, it is the people who curently have strong trust relationships with you, who know you’re dedicated, smart, a team player, who might help you.”

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Mr. Hoffman isn’t the only person who gets the need for beginning with where you result from. Take for instance Sydney Alfonso, the founder of Etkie. After graduating from Middlebury College, Sydney came home to New Mexico with a vision of fabricating economic opportunities for Native American women on reservations. Her first stop was to visit a friend who worked at a big jewelry supply outlet. “I asked her who she knew in the Native artist community and she introduced me to 1 of the greatest beaders on the Navajo Reservation.” From that first artist, Etkie is continuing to grow to hire 15 artists. “I’m always discussing my business, getting people interested, telling our story and just why it matters. I talked the ear from a man sitting next if you ask me on a plane and he finished up introducing me to the top of sustainability for Gap. She became my mentor for quite some time!”

Lewis Howes, the pro-athlete-turned-entrepreneur, and founder of the institution of Greatness podcast series, understands the need for value-added networking. He advises, “Probably the most powerful networking practices is to supply immediate value to a fresh connection. This means as soon as you identify a method to help someone, do something.”

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Great networkers are investing today to be equipped for opportunities tomorrow. Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and co-founder of Ellevest, explains the worthiness of giving before receiving further: “My advice for folks on networking is give, give, give. You will later receive. Nevertheless, you are actually planting these seeds. A number of them will die, plus they won’t become anything. Most of them will take many, a long time before they pay back for you if.” Ms. Krawcheck isn’t alone in her approach: the most successful entrepreneurs I’ve caused usually don’t expect anything in exchange. Genuinely thinking about the success of others, entrepreneurs generate value within their ecosystem and nurture useful connections. Through the years, the favors often find their in the past, giving patient entrepreneurs the help they want when they require it.

One of the better ways entrepreneurs can build their networks is for connecting people who may be helpful to each other but move around in distinct networks. It’s popular that serving as a “broker” in this sense is a characteristic seen commonly among successful entrepreneurs. Yet knowing when to create truly useful introductions can pose more difficult. One founder I interviewed shared this observation: “I used to just make introductions — like because people shared hobbies or graduated from the same college I thought, oh they might like meeting one another. Now I think about any of it more — I ask what problem they are solving and I tell both people what’s up, like why I believe they should meet one another. I waste people’s time less in this manner, I believe.” Entrepreneurs use their ever-growing networks thoughtfully, match-making when you will find a clear sense of value for both parties, learning to be a central, trusted node among networks.

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Setting up is a daunting process and may feel impossible sometimes. The thing research consistently shows might help put success in your grasp is other folks. If networking feels as though an amorphous task, filled up with rubber chicken dinners and pitch events, concentrate on the three proven strategies outlined above. Focus on your existing connections, do favors for those who have the potential to someday help your business, and make valuable connections for others. Your network will flourish

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