3 Money-Saving Apps THAT WONT Cost You a Dime

For a lot of, to state times are tight financially can be an understatement. A recently available Bankrate survey revealed that three out of five Americans are just one medical emergency or unexpected car repair from emptying their savings, if indeed they have any savings to begin with.

Portion of the reason is that most of us don’t take time to properly budget — especially not the slow, inconvenient old-school way, via pen and paper. And everybody knows how well tracking profit our heads computes. It generally doesn’t.

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The good thing: It’s never too late to understand your finances and begin saving. That’s where today’s web and mobile financial apps can be found in handy, rendering it easier and faster to scrimp and save than previously, sometimes automatically.

Listed below are three of well known free apps to assist you start saving cash now.

If you’re among the main one in three Americans who hasn’t saved an individual penny for retirement, Digit aims to truly get you stashing cash pronto. It’s a web- and texting-based digital money box app that “automates your savings and that means you don’t have to consider it." We just like the sound of this.

Digit dials into your bank checking account (together with your permission) and studies your earnings history and spending habits. Using an algorithm, after that it crunches the info and figures out just how much you can afford to save lots of. Every 2-3 days, the Google Ventures-backed tool transfers smaller amounts of cash from your own bank checking account (typically between $1 and $150) and funnels it to an FDIC-insured Digit checking account, notifying you even while via SMS texts.

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The startup guarantees that it’ll “never transfer additional money than you are able.” That way, you will need not worry about overdrawing your bank checking account.

Digit users can access their nest eggs 24/7/365 via text. Transfers are free, unlimited and also have no minimums. The only drawback is that you won’t accrue interest on your own savings as digit accounts aren’t setup that way. But, hey, when you hit your savings goals, Digit texts you cheeky congratulatory messages featuring GIFs of killer whales and Bill Murray. That’s something to anticipate, right?

Sure, growing your savings is fantastic, but who doesn’t want to save lots of some dough on the next shopping spree? This free coupon app — spun faraway from its popular namesake website — scours the net for deals and coupons from a lot more than 50,000 retailers. After that it delivers them as barcode scannable and printable digital coupons that you could redeem from your smartphone screen.

You may also use RetailMeNot to create customizable notifications so you’ll continually be on top of the most recent in-store and online deals. Major retailers featured on the webpage include Amazon, Home Depot, Kohl’s, Old Navy, Target, Staples and more. The app also tracks several national chain restaurants — including Papa John’s, KFC, Chili’s, Olive Garden, Red Lobster — for special deals and discounts.

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To find deals, you can either browse retailers by category (Accessories, Automotive, Beauty, Books, etc.) or utilizing the app’s keyword search. The visually simple app also offers a helpful “Nearby” map feature to be able to start to see the deals closest to where you are (per your device’s GPS coordinates). RetailMeNot is designed for iOS and Android devices.

While you’re out shopping, you may aswell save a few bucks at the gas pump, right? Every cent saved is another penny you can put back to your budget (uh, and you do have a budget, don’t you?).

GasBuddy, a free of charge user data-driven app, will help you lessen your gasoline costs by directing you to gasoline stations that sell the least expensive gas near you. The very best part, apart from saving on gas, is that GasBuddy does this in a great, gamified way, similar to Waze, hooking you up with points and snazzy new car icons as you report gas prices. Also, the more prices you report, the better shot you have of gracing the GasBuddy leaderboard.

Designed for iOS and Android devices, the app draws on user-supplied gas price information to “drive” you to the cheapest gas prices in your town, predicated on your device’s GPS location. The costs are displayed on a map, nevertheless, you can also seek out them by city or ZIP code.

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