3 Mobile Apps to improve Your After-Work Life

We’ve managed to look after our daytime work hours perfectly, because of some spectacular note-taking, travel-booking and other time-saving apps — but how about after work?

Don’t they state, work hard but play harder?

I really believe in this maxim and try my better to take full advantage of every moment.


THEREFORE I decided to remember to share three wonderful apps on my phone that help me to deal with my after-work needs. From dating friends to casual dinners with acquaintances to losing those extra inches, these three apps look after my pleasure, fitness and entertainment needs in the tiny time I’ve for these pursuits.

There may be 1,000 explanations why you can’t hit the fitness center daily. You may be traveling or occupied in late-night meetings, or, as is common nowadays, you will work on a significant project and lose tabs on time. Or you are simply just too exhausted to commute completely to the fitness center.

FitTime Stats fits directly into your busy schedule and gives you to take up simple exercises, any moment of your day. With three degrees of exercises, you can go as slow or as fast as you want, and you don’t need any special equipment for the same. The picture-plus-text layout enables you to understand even the most complex exercises.

Moreover, it posseses an alarm, so even though you don’t be sure you make time for your daily workout, it’ll remind you — sorry, no excuses! The very best part about the app could it be doesn’t restrict you as time passes constraints, so whether you will want short session or a full-blown two-hour workout, that can be done it using the app.

What’s more, it includes a BRAG ABOUT ANY OF IT button, in order to share your workout stats together with your friends on Facebook. All-in-all, it’s an excellent after-hours app which allows you to remain fit whatever time of your day it really is.

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Every occasionally, you will have a celebration to impress a business acquaintance or a date, and a genuine gentleman is always prepared. So let iSleight give you a hand. iSleight is actually magic in your phone, literally and figuratively speaking.

It includes a simple card trick which can only help you impress friends and family, break ice on a date or simply win you some bonus points for bringing magic to a celebration. The app functions by bringing the same card that you’ve predicted, each time.

So let’s say I predicted the seven of hearts. I’ll then give my phone to my pal and have them to shuffle the cards and pick anybody card.

They select the card and behold — it’s the seven of hearts! How? Watch the trailer or download the app to observe how it works.

On the facial skin of it, this is a simple card-guessing game. But despite letting friends and family investigate the app up to they need, it won’t let them guess the trick of your magic.

So just do it, showcase the sleight of your hand — or your magic app to be precise.

THEREFORE I am as of this networking dinner with several industry bigwigs after a conference. Which wine goes best with spaghetti bolognese? MUST I order cabernet or merlot? Aren’t they both red wines in the end?

Whether you you live in the west or east, making sense of wine pairings and ordering the proper wine is difficult. But if you’re relocating affluent circles, it is advisable to get your wine basics right. Because of Hello Vino, it’s possible for everyone to comprehend the vast and frequently mysterious world of wine.

Hello Vino includes a label scanner, wine shopping guide and food pairings guide, so every question you could have about wine is answered in the app — from ordering the proper wine to looking after entertainment in the party to slimming down after savoring that spicy spaghetti bolognese.

With these three apps, your after-work life will be easier, because they collectively offer something cool, healthy and impressive.

In the event that you actually want to take non-work productivity to another level, here are a few more ideas.

  • Try the gift-tracking app which allows you to sync your gift list and track your gift purchases.
  • Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals enables you to fix a decent meal in only 20 minutes.
  • As an excellent night’s sleep may be the key to increased productivity, the last in my own list is Sleep Cycle noisy alarms that analyzes sleep patterns and wakes you in the lightest phase, and that means you don’t awaken feeling annoyed or tired.

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